Cyber Security

Cyber Security Provided by SME Computers

SME Computers is a leader in Vancouver BC in offensive security (penetration testing) offering a range of services within the following key areas:

1. Penetration Testing (External/Internal/WebApp/Mobile)

2. Wireless Security Assessments

3. Secure Code Review

4. Compromise Assessments (Security Controls/Active Threats)

5. Cyber Incident Management Planning

6. Digital Forensics & e-Discovery

The following factors show you why you should have CYBER SECURITY:

Safe Work

The absence of a proper cybersecurity solution puts your entire system at risk. A potential cyber-attack can affect the entire work environment as your employees’ computers are infected by vicious malware. This not only hampers your workforce’s productivity but also exponentially increases your expenses if you decide to replace the computers.

Personal Info Protection

Personal information is one of the most valuable commodities in the digital world. A hacker with access to the personal information of your employees and customers can sell it to others. Some hackers also ask for a ransom in exchange for NOT releasing your sensitive information to the public.

Business Protection

The most significant advantage of cyber protection is that it empowers your business on other digital platforms. Cybersecurity allows your business, your employees, your clients and partners, to conduct financial transactions and share information digitally without any risk. The absence of digital protection is one of the main reasons why many small businesses fail today. Many investors and clients avoid dealing with businesses that are not sound on the digital security front; no one likes investing their money in a company that is at risk of a potential cyberattack.

Boosts Productivity

Viruses slow down your personal computers hurting the overall efficiency of your business. The slow pace of operations also hampers motivation as employees know that they can’t get the work done within a reasonable timeframe. This wastes a lot of precious business hours as entire operations come to a standstill.

Maintain Your Website’s Performance

Most businesses host their website with 3rd party hosting companies; an infected hosting environment increases the possibility of a forced shutdown of the website. A website shutdown not only leads to huge losses for a business, but it also creates a damaging trust deficit in the eyes of the customer that is challenging to counter.

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